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Car Dreams

In two years my car will be old enough to vote.  But my car dreams are not about finding a replacement or trying to figure out how to live without a car.  That part is taken care with the rational part of my brainz.

My dreams are about something different.  For instance, I have always wanted a car that could be shrunk to a little attache case on wheels for parking purposes.  Or alternatively, a car which has retractable stork legs which grow out of the bottom when the car needs to be parked.  Then one could just hop across all the parked cars and settle somewhere on the second floor so to speak.

And even before car manufacturers installed balloons in cars I thought that external balloons would be a great idea, as a form of defense against butt-flies and other careless drivers in traffic.  They would have been transparent balloons naturally.

A different set of dreams has to do with desiring a BMW.   Eat my smoke!

And the memory of the one time I  test-drove a 1950s Daimler.  It had real burl walnut in the dashboard...

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